These General Terms and Conditions define the conditions under which a visitor may use the mobile applications and the website(s) published by Skores , a company operating under French law, registered in France and whose office in France is situated at 74 rue des arts 59000 Lille, France,, having Renaud Lasselin as Publication Director, and OVH as web host, domiciled at 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix, France .Any requests for advice or complaints can be sent by electronic mail to the Customer Service Department at request(@) .Please read these General Terms and Conditions of Use attentively. Your use of this service constitutes your acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. You also agree only to use our services in compliance with the laws of your country of origin.

1 - Description of the services

Under the conditions defined hereinafter, “service” shall refer to mobile applications including, “Live Football”, “Live Scores – Football, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer”, “Live HD Football” and “Live Scores HD”, in addition to all of the websites published by Skores, its associates, founders, directors or employees (hereinafter referred to as “Skores” or “we”).

Skores shall also make free mobile applications providing sports information available to the public throughout the world via ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY and WINDOWS PHONE in particular, throughout the world.

The service allows users to follow sports results in real time and consult sports classifications. It includes a whole series of functionalities normally found in this type of service. We may modify these functionalities at any time or remove them, depending on what we consider to be appropriate.

The service also contains links to external content which is outside our control and is selected by the algorithm for the chosen service according to the user’s interests or what he or she requested. This external content may include video content originating from YOUTUBE or DAILYMOTION types of sources. If users decide to click on these links, they will access external content which may conform to specific rules that the user shall be responsible for understanding and following, and for which we shall have no responsibility whatsoever.

YouTube API Services
Skores’s API Client uses YouTube API Services. If you are using our Service on YouTube, you hereby by agreeing to our Privacy Policy also certify that you have read and agree to YouTube’s General Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy.

Users may choose to receive “push” notifications when a new link towards a goal scored by one of their favourite teams is available. The push notification is an optional service designed to publish news alerts on the user’s terminal. These alerts are automatically generated after the user has configured them according to different criteria. They cannot, under any circumstances, be considered to be a publishing activity carried out by Skores. They are, and shall remain, acts attributable to the user, who may unsubscribe from this service at any time. If they involve or contain links to external content, the rules and restrictions concerning liability mentioned in the previous paragraph shall apply.

2 – Reporting of illicit content

Anyone may report a hypertext link to an illicit external content to us at any time so that we can delete it if appropriate and as quickly as possible, by writing to us at: request(at) or using our copyright report form.

In this case, Skores shall remove the hypertext link from its service but cannot, under any circumstances, remove the external content. As a general rule, any such demands must be sent to the publisher or host of the external content.

It would help us take effective action if, in your electronic mail, you could include the following details:

  • The notification date
  • If the informer is a natural person: his or her surname(s), first name(s), profession, address, nationality, date and place of birth; if the requesting party is a legal entity: its form, denomination, registered office and the body that legally represents it
  • The names and address of the addressee or, in the case of a legal entity, its company name and registered office
  • The contentious hypertext link published by Skores
  • The reasons why the hypertext link should be removed, including mentions of the legal provisions and proofs of the facts
  • A copy of the correspondence sent to the author or publisher of the contentious information or activities associated with the hypertext link asking for their interruption, withdrawal or amendment, or proof that the author or publisher could not be contacted.
3 – Duration of the service

The service is provided for an unlimited period .As the service is free, the user has no right of withdrawal with a view to obtaining a refund, but may terminate the service at any time. Similarly, Skores does not guarantee the duration of the service and reserves the right to interrupt or stop it at any time.

All visitors must use the service in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. In the event of the failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions or for any other legal reason, Skores may suspend the service or terminate it immediately or at any other time of Skores’s choosing, by operation of law and without prior notice.

Skores can always, and even without notice, decide to suspend or stop the provision of the service, at its sole discretion.

4 - Skores’s responsibilities

Skores informs its users that the news and information disseminated via its service are provided without any guarantee of reliability, correctness, completeness or accuracy. The service is provided on an “as is” basis and Skores grants no guarantees in this respect other than those upheld by the law, and in particular, it cannot guarantee that the service conforms to the user’s needs or that it will be continuous, relevant, secure or error free. No guarantees (including any implicit guarantees of satisfactory quality, suitability for a particular use or conformity to the description) shall apply to the service. The information provided by Skores shall not, under any circumstances, constitute any type of advice or recommendation of any nature whatsoever. The use of the content, data and information available on Skores cannot incur Skores’ direct or indirect liability. The user incurs sole and exclusive liability for the use that is made of the information disseminated by Skores. The user declares that he or she has legal capacity and accepts sole liability for his or her acts and decisions.

Skores may set up links to other websites that it does not own and does not control. Consequently, Skores’s responsibility cannot be incurred in relation to the use that is made of these external links. Skores cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for games, bets, contracts or any other operations or transactions carried out by the user on other websites or applications, nor for the potentially illegal nature of the content thus consulted. Skores is not responsible for the availability of these third-party websites and external resources and does not endorse the advertising, products or other links or data included on these websites or accessible via them. Skores cannot be held liable for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the user due to the existence of these external websites or resources or due to the trust that is placed in the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, product or data on these websites or resources, or that is accessible via them.

The User cannot hold Skores liable on any grounds whatsoever and particularly in the case of force majeure events, computer malfunctions or technical problems suffered by the user, loss of access to the service by the user, the failure of the electronic communications network or the user’s internet service provider’s network, the incorrect use of the service by the user, wrongdoing, negligence, an omission or a failure by the user, a failure to comply with the advice given, the disclosure or illicit use of a password issued to the user on a confidential basis, wrongdoing, negligence or an omission by a third party over which Skores has no powers of control or surveillance, an order to temporarily or permanently interrupt the service, issued by a competent administrative or legal body, or the notification of a third party as defined by article 6 of the LCEN (French law on trust in the digital economy), or the partial or total destruction of information transmitted or stored due to errors that can be directly or indirectly attributed to the user.

Skores shall not specifically save any data consulted by the user. The user is responsible for taking any steps required to save these data.

Skores can never be held liable on the grounds of any content – even external – even if the application or website contains a link to the said content.

5 - Privacy Policy

Users shall have the right to access, correct and remove any data of a personal nature that concerns them by sending an e-mail to the following address: request(@) Your personal information contained on your profile page can also be modified at any time.

Skores may collect data of a personal nature such as names, e-mail address, postal address or any other identification data, including the IP address, from users when they subscribe to the service. The user has no obligation to provide this information but it may be required for certain functionalities of the service.

Skores shall only use this data in order to identify visitors and provide or improve the proposed service. These data shall not, under any circumstances, be used by third parties for commercial purposes.

The recipients of the data are people responsible for the marketing and sales departments, departments responsible for handling customer relations and business development, administrative, logistics and information technology departments and their line managers. Other recipients include organisations responsible for inspecting Skores (auditors, departments responsible for internal inspection procedures, etc.), and finally any of Skores subcontractors.

Data of a personal nature relating to users cannot be kept for longer than the period absolutely necessary for the use of the service.

Users are informed that Skores can recognise their terminals, particularly by means of cookies, when they log into the service. The sole purpose of such software is to allow for or facilitate electronic communications, or is used at the user’s express request when strictly necessary for the provision of the service.

6 - Use of the service

Users are authorised to use the service for personal use only. Any commercial use of the service is prohibited. All users agree to refrain from posting information which:

  • Is of a pornographic or degrading nature, especially on the forums
  • Contravenes the rights of third parties, including any intellectual property rights, personal image rights, or the right to privacy
  • Disparages or denigrates the activities or reputation of an individual or company
  • Is likely to violate public order or contravene the legal provisions relating to libel and the protection of children or minorities
  • Is of a religious, political or racial nature .Any publication, reproduction or retransmission of all or part of the contents of the service, in any manner whatsoever, in written, graphical or pictorial form, or of graphics, images, logos or brands and computer code, is prohibited, without the express authorisation of Skores.
7 - Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Use

Skores retains complete freedom to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. By using this service, the user acknowledges having read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Use in force on the date of access to the website or to the downloading of the application. The fact of continuing to use the service after any amendments to Skores’s General Terms and Conditions have been made constitutes acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.

8 - Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

Subject to public policy provisions that apply to consumers, these General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute over the interpretation, execution or termination of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the parties shall seek an amicable solution prior to taking any legal action.

In the event of a persistent disagreement, the parties shall grant exclusive jurisdiction to the competent courts of LILLE (France), even in the event of multiple defenders or third-party appeals, subject to public policy provisions applying to these Terms and Conditions.

9 - Information about dependency and online sports betting

Skores is not a bookmaker and does not offer online gambling activities. Skores reiterates that minors are prohibited from participating in gambling and gaming in France, pursuant to the Law 2010-476 of 12 May 2010 relating to the opening up of the online gambling and gaming sector to competition and its regulation.

Sports betting is governed by a wide range of legislation. Each Internet user is responsible for knowing the legislation to which he or she is subjected.

Gambling dependency is a very serious problem. If you have a dependency, we strongly encourage you to consult the websites below or to contact the following associations: