Video Content – What kind of video content could you find on our apps?

Video Content that you can take part in through our apps are provided by and hosted on third party servers and discovered through the help of our search engine.

We do not host, upload or store material such as audio-visual content in our app or in our servers.

Our apps can contain links to external content which is outside our control and is selected by the algorithm for the chosen service according to the user’s interests or what he or she requested. This external content may include video content originating from YOUTUBE or DAILYMOTION types of sources.

When clicking on the hyperlink, the user leaves our app and moves immediately to a third party hosted website. We do not in any way control content found on third party hosted websites and we therefore cannot be held responsible for any content on these websites.

Right Owners – How to protect your rights?

Generally, it is the editor or host of the content in question that should be notified. The most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek removal of any content that you consider infringe upon your rights directly from the host that is responsible for the content. This in turn, will make the content in question non-searchable for our search engine meaning that our search engine or any other search engine may not provide links to the content in question that is hosted on third party websites.

However, at any time, especially in the case you cannot contact directly the author or publisher of the contentious information, you can also report to us a hypertext link to an illicit external content so that we can delete it. In this case, Skores removes the well-identified hyperlink concerned but cannot under any circumstances remove content hosted by a third party as YOUTUBE OR DAILYMOTION.