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Skores is a 360° Sports Media platform, We deliver Sports Information in Real Time, to Ultimate Sports Fans, Anywhere, Anytime on Any device.

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Our sports data is instantly available in 7 languages, for over 32 sports!

Real time sports data

In real time, sports fans access a wide range of quality information: scores, news, stats, video highlight, odds, tips, reviews, fixtures, historical data etc..

Our target is the ultimate sports fan: The one who goes to bed watching highlights of the games, who gets up in the morning analyzing results from the day before, compare odds at lunch time and who reads sports news during the day on their phone

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Joining SKORES

The Ultimate Fan Zone is working in a unique sports information media : We deliver real-time sports information to Ultimate sports fans through our website, Apps & social media platforms 24 hours a day. We provide news, videos, live scores, predictions, stats, odds etc.

Currently, we have over 3.5 million social media followers, 23 million app downloads, 90 million monthly hits, and +100 million video views every month. Join a major European player in a fast growing sector, the new generation of sports information in the digital world.

Based in Paris and Lille, we would love to get in touch with you.

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